For over 50 years, Rutland Ranch has been home to stallions with some of the finest QH and TB bloodlines in the nation.
    Careful consideration goes into the selection of our stallions based on conformation, pedigree and siring potential for
    speed and soundness.

    While a stallion's race record may show how fast a horse was, it doesn't always tell the complete story. In many cases
    legitimate factors can, and often do, prevent a horse from running to his full potential. However, this doesn't prevent him
    from being able to pass speed and athletic ability on to his offspring.

    Rutland Ranch is able to bring the modern racing bloodlines, ones that also carry conformation and soundness, to the
    public at an affordable price by seeking out stallions that may not have fulfilled their potential on the track. An important
    piece of any breeding program is to understand which bloodlines will cross with one another to give the type of horse
    one is looking for. Breeding speed to speed may not yield the kind of horse we need in the end. Many other factors play
    a role in the success of a stallion.

    We continue to take pride in having stallions that are to be remembered for years to come.
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