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    —JANUARY 4, 2016 -
    Yes, there is an effort in the works to bring racing back to Kansas .... and WE NEED EVERYONE TO JOIN THE EFFORT!!!
    Businessman Phil Ruffin bought The Woodlands racetrack in Kansas City this past summer. He has full intentions of
    opening the track with slots and making it a first class facility, as he does with his greyhound track in Wichita and Frontenac.
    A good team has been put together this past fall that should give us a much better chance of getting the legislation passed
    that's needed to open these tracks.
    An office is now open in Topeka under the Greater Kansas Racing Alliance, Inc. with a full time manager of the operation
    available at all times to answer questions and offer direction on approaching your legislators. Racing For Kansas is the
    group spun out of the Alliance that will lobby for the law change. A website is now on-line with some information, but much
    more is to come.
    If you are reading this and have not yet signed up to support the effort, please send me a short note to let me know you are
    interested in helping the horse industry in Kansas. It is so important that everyone join in and do your share. It won't take
    much if all does just a little.
    I look forward to hearing from you soon. Keep checking back here and the effort's website: for
    more information.

Direct Loss of State Tax Revenue
Without a Vibrant Racing Industry in Kansas

Individual State Income Tax   4000 jobs - $36,000/yr. @ 3.5% tax  = $5 million/yr.             or  $13,800/day

Property Tax         600 horse facilities @ $5,000 tax/yr. = $3 million/yr.                              or    $8,800/day

Gasoline Tax       4000 drive 15,000 miles/yr. - 4 million gallons @ .25/gal. = $1 mil./yr.   or    $2,750/day

Sales Tax              $2,000 tax per capita - 4000 participants = $2 mil./yr.                            or   $22,000/day

Pari-mutuel Tax      State's 6% share - $4 million/yr.                                                             or   $11,000/day

Slot Machine Tax     2800 machines - $150 NMI/day @ 22% to state                                   or  $92,400/day

Total State Tax from the DIRECT result of 4000 employed by the state's racing industry     
(This does not include property tax paid on track facilities.)

Annual State Tax revenue lost from the DIRECT result of the Racing Industry of Kansas  
--- $55.1 million ---

Some people still think they should “shelter” us from gambling. With the financial situation our
state is in, a good source of income for Kansas is being ignored to the tune of over $151,000
per day. Our legislators should fix our laws that would allow a large sector of our Kansas
agriculture survive while at the same time collecting income from slot machines that citizens of
our state are going to play, whether they are in Kansas or another state! It's time we kept
Kansas money in Kansas!

In 2016, Prairie Meadows will offer over $20 million in purses to horsemen racing there.
This is money generated by their racino, which has also brought huge expansions to the
city of Altoona's school system, attracing businesses and population while maintaining a
beautiful place to be.

Oklahoma's horse racing industry contributes almost $500,000,000
and over 6,400 jobs to the annual economy of their state.

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